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Fur Cleaning

Fur Cleaning

Professional cleaning service that will not damage your fur garment!

Our Dry Cleaners in Barrie, Ontario specializes in fur cleaning

Fur coats and other garments made of fur should be cleaned at least once a year so that any dirt or stains accumulated can be washed out. Real fur often looks so good due to natural oils being released from the hairs, creating a healthy shine. Your fur garment does not do this, and instead gathers dirt and dust, resulting in oils being absorbed into the layer of dust and a less than healthy looking shine.

Regular cleaning of your fur coat or other garments by professionals, such as Our Dry Cleaners, can help extend the lifetime of that garment. We specialize in fur cleaning and utilize appropriate techniques and cleaning products to guarantee you fur does not get damaged. We understand that fur coats and other garments, both synthetic and authentic, require special care.

For more information on Fur Cleaning, please give us a call or bring your garment in to Our Dry Cleaners in Barrie, Ontario.

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